You Can Do These Tips To Teach Children To Read Quickly

Teaching children to read is not difficult. As long as there is a strong determination from parents accompanied by patience, children can read. Moreover, if accompanied by an effective and interesting way, like the reading head start program, the child will be able to read quickly.

These are some ways to help your children learn how to read quickly:

Read children’s books regularly

The way to teach children to read for the first time is to read books to the child. Read books regularly to your child in situations where the spirit is calm. This first method is important to be attentive because it has an important purpose. The more they learn how to read, the more they become familiar with books that you enjoy reading. Also, children know what the letters are and what they are for because in the reading there are letters. This will make the next method easier.

Introduce lowercase letters first

The next way to teach children to read is to introduce lowercase letters before capital letters. For some people, this is considered wrong and inappropriate because it can confuse children. It’s not wrong as long as you teach children letters as you introduce them to various reading materials that are suitable for them. There is a theory where this second method is wrong and incorrect because the child cannot grasp something abstract. Letters that stand alone without meaning are something abstract and cannot be captured by children. Why should it be lowercase first? Many people introduce capital letters first because they are easily recognized by children. This method can make children experience difficulties when they start reading books that are disciplined in grammar. In many forms of media, lowercase letters are more common than the capitalized ones.

Teach reading one syllable

After the child recognizes lowercase and capital letters, how to teach children to read, which then begins to enter the syllable. Make all syllables made up of five vowels and all consonants.

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