The Right Way To Fend Off Your Fear Of Ghosts!

I don’t know where it started, many of us are so scared hearing the word “ghost” or “the hat man”. Pahadal, we may not even have seen its true form. Only projections and imaginations about ghosts that we usually see in movies or TV shows. But, when you’ve been over-hit, you need to know about how to get rid of the hat man.

1. Hey, aren’t scary ghosts just a projection of our thoughts?
You can convince yourself that you can get rid of the fear that since childhood may have been in you. Unlike what is shown in the film, ghosts will not be able to touch you. They are a kind of astral being whose existence is truly trustworthy. So imagining a ghost as a nicer person might help you reduce your fear a little.

2. Your fear can slowly disappear. The trick, you just need to avoid dark places that seem scary
Well, the simplest way you can try is to avoid dark places. Maximize lighting, for example in your room, kitchen or bathroom. If you are often afraid to walk through your yard at night, make sure your front or back yard is also well lit.

3. The atmosphere of the night is not always something to be afraid of. Try it occasionally feel the sensation of walking or riding the night!
You are arguably the most loser if fear prevents you from enjoying the beauty of the night. The most effective way is to spend time by walking or cycling at night, for example. If you are too afraid to go alone, you can invite your friends to accompany you.

4. Imagination will appear when you are alone. So that the ghost’s shadow doesn’t make your hair stand on end, spend your time in a crowded place!
If you are often scared when you are alone, you should always go to crowded places. Spend more time hanging out with friends or family, for example. Maybe, sharing stories with them about the fear you feel could be a solution for you.

Yup, those are the tips you can try to ward off your fear. Don’t let excessive fear interfere with your daily activities, even reduce your work productivity.

To be sure, there are still many things you deserve to be afraid of than just ghosts. For example, imagery about your ex and your future life!

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