Rugs Need To Be Cleaned Professionally

Many homeowners use rugs at home because of the appearance and comfort it offers. Although rugs are a great choice for flooring, homeowners need to take care of their rugs properly with regular maintenance. Part of this regular maintenance is to ask in a licensed rug cleaning service every 6-12 months depending on how often it is used. Although many people see advertisements for Carpet Cleaners North Shore services, they may not fully understand the benefits of rug washing. Below are the top 2 things why rugs need to be cleaned professionally.

1. Rugs tend to catch a wide variety of dust particles, bacteria, and allergens that are found in the home. The dust particles that float in the air are associated with the nose, sinuses, and respiratory problems like asthma. If these contaminated particles are not removed from the rug, they can cause various health problems, especially for young children. Although the vacuum is essential for caring for rugs, it cannot remove the contamination. Dust, dirt, and bacteria that accumulate on the rug from time to time can only be removed by professional cleaners who can wash the rug and sanitize your place.

2. Professional rug cleaning can help prevent serious rug problems from arising. Among other things, by reducing or eliminating dust mite attacks. Many homes are attacked by dust mites, although the owner of the house is not aware of their presence, these microscopic creatures can take over the rug. Mites are a major cause of allergens and professionals have solutions and tools to reduce or eliminate these attacks. Apart from the infestation of dust mites, rugs are at high risk of developing mold. This mostly occurs in areas with high humidity. When moisture such as rainwater and snow is trapped in the house, it can absorb between rug fibers and cause mold to grow. Regular rug cleaning can prevent mold from growing on the rug.

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