Here’s The Bad Effects Of Obesity In A Woman’s Body

Compared to men, a woman’s body is more easily experiencing obesity. Not only ruins the appearance and reduces self-confidence, but obesity in a woman’s body also has an additional adverse effect on health. Therefore, maintaining an ideal body is very important. For that, you can take advantage of leptoconnect and see the results in leptoconnect reviews.

The effects of obesity on a woman’s body are far more obvious than those of a man. In men, the effects of obesity are generally only of a medical nature, whereas in women also have psychological or psychological effects. In the end, an unhealthy soul worsens the physical condition.

1. Irregular menstruation
Irregular menstrual periods can occur due to too much fat accumulating around the uterus. This is very common in adolescents who love to eat junk food.

2. Risk of heart attack
There is a myth that says the risk of heart disease in women is smaller than men. But in women who are menopausal, the risk of heart attack is greater. Especially if the woman is overweight.

3. Muscle degeneration
Muscle degeneration and weakness occur due to too much fat accumulation in the body. Obese people usually don’t exercise much, so they end up with weak muscles.

4. High blood pressure
High blood pressure occurs due to the buildup of cholesterol in blood vessels, which is very common in obese people.

5. Arthritis
When a joint in the body is unable to withstand excessive body weight pressure, it can lead to chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis or joint pain.

6. Chapped heels
A body that is too heavy will put extreme stress on your body. This can cause chapped and painful heels.

7. Gallstones
Stones form in the gallbladder due to improper fat metabolism. That is why obese women are more susceptible to gallstones.

8. Cyst
Polycystic ovaries have been shown to occur due to unhealthy eating habits. Certain small cysts throughout the ovary cause irregular periods and in some cases result in infertility.

9. Infertility
Obese women are at high risk of experiencing hormonal imbalances, which cause infertility or infertility in women.

10. Stretch Marks
When the stretched skin (upper layer of skin) exceeds the limit, it can cause stretch marks. This has a psychological impact on women.

11. Depression
Depression in women usually occurs due to hormonal imbalances induced by obesity. This can also occur because of the psychological effects of being fat.

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