Position the Aluminum Ladder Lock Correctly

The ladder (ladder) functions as a tool to reach something at a certain height. Traditional stairs are made of bamboo or wood. But at present, there are many stairs made of metal (aluminum) check this. This aluminum folding ladder has several advantages, including lightness; because the material is made of aluminum, it can be ascertained that it will be very light so there is no need for extra energy to carry or move it. Multifunction; aluminum stairs can be used in a triangle position or a straight position. Not weathered; aluminum material is a material that is resistant to corrosion. Practical; the aluminum ladder folds down making it easy to carry and store. From the advantages possessed by aluminum folding ladders, this ladder is very often used by workers. For AC (Air Conditioner) technicians, aluminum stairs are a basic requirement. This is because the work done by the AC technician is relatively high. Here are tips for using aluminum folding ladders.

A ladder lock is used so that the ladder has a fixed position. The aluminum folding ladder has four locks, but some have only two locks. When the aluminum ladder is made as a triangular ladder, this lock also functions as a reinforcement when the ladder is stepped on and also as a barrier so that the foot of the ladder does not expand. At the foot of the stairs, there is a rubber footing. Despite its small shape and position below, this rubber has several benefits including anti-slip action; this is intended so that the foot of the ladder does not shift during use. As a cushion; namely floor protector so as not to be scratched by the foot of the stairs. As an insulator; namely electric shock protection when used in electrical work.

The first thing to pay attention to when using an aluminum folding ladder in a straight position is the slope of the ladder. Using a straight ladder do not tilt too much because it will cause the foot of the ladder to slide easily In addition, if the ladder is too tilted, the load borne by the ladder will be even greater. If using a straight ladder in a position that is too upright it can cause the ladder to collapse backward.